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The links on this page are related to computers in one way or another. All of these links I have found particularly interesting or useful. Everything here is of interest to me. If your life is enhanced by any one of these links then the purpose of this page has been served.




Linux is a free, Unix-like operating system for Intel, Alpha, PowerPC, Sparc, Mips, and Motorola 68k machines. It's fully POSIX compliant and contains no propietary code. There are several Linux distributions which provide most of the programs you need to get a fully working system.



This is the place to look for the latest Linux software releases. Updated daily with user contributions, Freshmeat features a categorised software index with a very large number of entries.

UNC's Metalab Archive


From the latest kernels to whole distributions, here you'll find a lot of Linux software.

Linux Now


This site contains general information about Linux, along with a searchable software library. Users who are new to linux are encouraged to visit this site.

Window Managers for X


A guide to window managers for the X Window System. Here you will find descriptions, screenshots and configuration files for all popular window managers, along with other useful information.


Tom's Hardware Guide


Tom's Hardware Guide provides online information on the latest chipsets, motherboards, CPUs and other hardware.

Maximum PC


The network for buying, fixing and upgrading your computer.

Open Hardware


The Open Hardware Specification Program is a self-certification program for hardware manufacturers. By certifying a hardware device as Open, the manufacturer makes a commitment to provide sufficient documentation regarding the device's programming interface.

Other Resources


News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.



The Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing.



Online dictionary of computer terms.