Personal Creations

This is a list of some of the programs I have created for my own personal use. I invite you to take a look at this list; maybe you'll find something you like. The programs listed here are copyrighted. Please look at the readme file for each individual package for more information. All programs are Freeware unless otherwise specified.

32-bit Windows

HideWindow v1.43


Hide or reveal the windows of most applications. Programs can run hidden upon startup. Program windows can be hidden or revealed at any time by either entering the title on the command line or choosing from a list of application windows.

Clipboard Utilities


Give your scripts and batch files the ability to read and write to the clipboard when running under Windows. A set of three small programs lets you copy and retrieve text from the clipboard.

16-bit Windows

Hex Viewer


A very simple file viewer which displays files in hexadecimal notation.


Simon 386 v1.0


Created by my friends and I, Simon 386 is a game of memory and concentration. A series of lights and sounds are played in random sequence. The player must follow this sequence by pushing the right buttons. Press the wrong button and you'll have to start over.




FDUPES is a program for indentifying or deleting duplicate files residing within specified directories. OpenSource (MIT License).


Right Angle Sweep Calculator


A spreadsheet document for calculating right angle sweep values of astronomical objects from their equatorial coordinates. Public domain.

Screenplay Template


A screenplay-formatting template for Microsoft Word 97. Public domain.