FDUPES is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files residing within specified directories.

For Everybody

The current version of fdupes is distributed as fdupes-1.40.tar.gz. No later version has been officially released. Users should get this version, as it's presumably the most reliable. Developers and beta testers should look at the versions below.

For Beta Testers

Preview releases of fdupes are provided here for testing purposes. Preview releases are mostly functional, but may contain serious bugs. Caution is advised when using any fdupes preview release.

List of fdupes preview releases.

For Retro Geeks

Here you will find old versions of fdupes.

List of old fdupes versions.

Contact the Author

Fdupes was written primarily by Adrian Lopez. You may contact me directly with general questions, comments, or suggestions by sending an email to adrian2@caribe.net. You may also visit my homepage at http://netdial.caribe.net/~adrian2/. For a list of people who have contributed code to fdupes please take a look at the CONTRIBUTORS file included with the fdupes distribution.

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