(estimate between 1887-1897)


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Some observations:

1) Flag of Spain floating

2) Religious dressing in black of young girl and lady facing camera

3) Assortment of hats: "pra-pra"; soft-felt; rounded hard-top; 

4) Jibaro child on trail

5) Horse in patio

6) Roofs of the houses: zinc; grass


* The Catholic temple was built in 1887. The USA took over PR in 1898. No Spanish flags would be flying after 1898.


A  more recent historical photo of Aibonito was sent to to us by Abigail Matos. Click on the thumbnail to see the picture of Aibonito about 1960:


  1. Notice the stop ligth that hung from a cable on the entrance to the town coming from Cayey (#14)

  2. See the men (campesinos)  sitting under the treeshade to the left wearing typical hats of the time..

  3. Notice the wooden building to the left with the American and Puerto Rican flag. We believe it is the old public school library.

  4. At present the two structures to the left no longer exist but the building of Colmado Carrasquillo still stands.

Photography: Unknown
Music: "Plenas.mid" por Giovanni Cardona , Caguas, PR

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