Día de los Aiboniteños Ausentes

      The Asociacion de Aiboniteños Ausentes y Amigos was created in 1945. It is compose of people from Aibonito who no longer reside there. It was organized to promote the welfare of the town that gave them birth, help each other out,  and to keep members  in close contact with their hometown. The current President is Ismael Santini.

   The town of Aibonito prides itself of its daughters and sons who have forge their careers and raise their families far from where they were born. To this effect, it carries out a tribute to these "aiboniteños" by proclaiming a day in their honor during the town's annual "Fiestas del Pueblo" or 'Fiestas Patronales" (Patron Day Celebration). It is called "Día de los Aiboniteños Ausentes".

   The Aiboniteños Ausentes is  organized by the Mayors Office.   Ms. Gladys Marrero (right) and Jose Rivera, Deputy Mayor (left), have been the "anfitriones" of this day for several years:

       We had the opportunity to cover this activity on July 29, 2001 and took pictures of most of those who attended. In the following links you will find the photos of the "aiboniteños" who were present.. Can you recognize any of them? If you do, send us a note at aibonito@caribe.net identifying the photo and the name of the persons in them. In that way, we may be able to post and identify all those present correctly.

Photos of the July 29, 2001 Event

The queen of the Fiestas del Pueblo and her family.

The musicians and dancers.

Families at their tables Set I

Families at their tables Set II

Families at their tables Set III

                                                    Photos of the 2007 event 

Aiboniteños Ausentes 2007

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