The San Cristobal Canyon is located between the towns of Aibonito and Barranquitas. It is the only canyon in Puerto Rico. It is nine kilometers long. Through it flow the Usabon and Barranquitas rivers. There are several ponds at the bottom, intense vegetation, several falls and cliffs with carvings that resemble human faces.


To get there from San Juan: Take highway 52 south and get off at Cayey; continue on road number 1 south towards Salinas; make a right on the Panoramic Route (7722) which goes to Aibonito; drive up to La Sierra (722) and at the first intersection make a left towards "La Piedra Degetau"; on the first stop sign make a right towards the town; you will pass by a retreat house called "Casa Manresa" and get to the town plaza. Once in Aibonito, head towards Barranquitas either through "Barrio Llanos" (725) or via "Asomante" (Rd #14) making a right on 162. The picture above was made from an entrance through a small trail in Barrio Llanos (725) about a 1/4 mile from road 162. Ask the locals how to get there. The trail is a bit steep so have good brakes.


Mr. Felix Rivera has been taking tourists to the San Cristobal Canyon for many years. Til recently he would meet tourists at "La Piedra Degetau" in Aibonito every third saturday of the month. His schedule may vary and depending on the demand make more trips. You can call or write to Felix at: Mr. Felix Rivera, PO Box 2028, Aibonito, Puerto Rico 00705 (787) 735-5188 or (787) 735-8721.

Note: The song being played is Preciosa.

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