Escutcheon: The four tower crown designates Aibonito as a "Villa" a recognition given by Spain on May 12, 1888. The four quadrants have each a meaning: 1) the top left refers to its location in the mountains, the sword is a reminder of the Spanish American War where the American army march across the Island was stopped at "barrio" Asomante and the three colors of the base are the colors of the Spanish flag in remenbrance of its Hispanic tradition; 2) The top right has a diagonal white band which refers to the fog which is typical in the evening and in winter; the top purple flower is called "pensamiento" and it is the official flower while the bottom "fleus de lis" is the flower of St. Joseph, the patron of the Catholic Church; 3) the bottom left quadrant has "Manresa House" a retreat house which majestically reflects the spirituality of its people and 4) the bottom right quadrant reflects the San Cristobal Canyon in which there are rivers and ponds; and the shell on top of the water refers to the symbol of St James the Apostle whose celebration on the 25th of July initiates the town's annual patron festivities. The town motto is displayed at the bottom and significies "Garden of Puerto Rico". The date of 1824 at the bottom is the date the town was founded.


    Note: We thanks Nelson Román, webmaster of Arecibo web, for donating this undulating flag.

Song:  There is no official song yet but the following two are well popularized (See another version in the link to Aibonito's history down below).

Town Location:
Map of Aibonito

Aibonito has the town of Barranquitas to the north, Cidra and Cayey to the east, Salinas and Coamo to the south and Coamo is to the west. It is the highest located town in Puerto Rico with an altitude of 2,401 feet above sea level. The coldest weather ever recorded in the Island was in Aibonito with a temperature of 40 degrees Farenheit on March 9, 1911. See a map with more details by clicking here Town Map.

  "Barrios" (Sectors): Asomante, Pasto, Algarrobo, Cuyon, Llanos, Caonillas, Plata, Robles. See the "barrios map": Barrios of Aibonito

Average Temperature: 75 degrees Farenheit

Average Rainfall: 90 inches

Population 2000*:  Municipio----->26,493     Males: 12,924     Females: 13,569

       Algarrobo: 431      Asomante:  2,787     Caonillas: 1,402       Cuyon:     873    Llanos: 6,921 

       Pasto:     3,988       Plata:         1,863     Pueblo:     3,662      Robles:  4,566

    *For detail information on Census Data contact Nereida Cartagena, Oficina de Programas Federales, Municipio de Aibonito, P.O. Box 2004, Aibonito, Puerto Rico 00705. Telephone number is 787-735-8181, Ext. 7024. Other extension numbers are 7057 & 7035. There is a $2.00 postage fee for material sent by mail. 

Rivers: Rio Cuyon; Rio Aibonito; Rio Usabon and Rio La Plata

Mountains: Sierra de Cayey, La Altura de Don MarianoColon, El Gomez, Sierra Margarita, Buena Vista, Cariblanco, Pito, La Sierra de la Lapa and La Sierra de Pulguilla.


  Tio Pepe Restaurant (entrance to Pulguillas) Road 723 Km 0.3 Bo Asomante, Aibonito, PR 735-9615 (hints: "Mofongo Relleno-mariscos; "Paella"; 17 dishes based on chicken breast)

  El Rincon Familiar (exit from town towards Asomante) Road 14 KM 48.8, Aibonito, PR 735-7425 (hint: Pechuga Rellena a la Milanesa) .

Mayor: William  Alicea Pérez  (Took office, Jan 16, 2009)


Festivities: Festivities are annual events in the town in which there is ample participation by aiboniteños and visitors from neighboring towns. The following is a partial list of these activities:

Telephones: Click here for some of Aibonito's telephone numbers--> Telephones in Aibonito

Tourism Guide Publication on Aibonito: "Guia cultural y turística de Aibonito was published in 1997 by Jose Leonardo Arribas. It has a detail description of 34 places (See List) to see, a brief history of the town and maps to help you along. The cost of the publication is $5.00 and can be purchase in over 14 locations in Aibonito. You can also write to Leonardo (call for details relating to shipping costs  787-735-8525) at the following address:

Jose. L. Arribas
Box 522
Aibonito, Puerto Rico 00705

Lion's Club: Click below to learn about the history of Aibonito's Lion Club as described by Mr.Miguel Idrach, club president year 2000:
                                                                History of Lion's Club

Video Tour Via You-Tube: Edwin Rivera-Rodriguez (  is an "Aiboniteño" who loves taking pictures of towns and places he visits. He combines the pictures with authentic Puerto Rican music into presentations with  a native flavor. As a true son of our town he has done a marvelous job in the You-Tube website of presenting a video tour of our beloved town.  Click below to see:

  "Lugares Históricos y de Interés de Aibonito".


The song being played is Furelise

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