The "Llorosa Bridge" is located on highway 14 from Aibonito to Coamo about half a mile from the center of town. For generations children of Aibonito have been exposed to the legend of "La Llorosa" (loosely translated -the crying one) .Very few would cross the bridge on foot during the day without first making the sign of the cross and only the bravest would cross it at night.
The story goes that Moncho Luna was riding out of town shortly after midnight. As he passed the bridge he heard baby cries coming from under the bridge. He dismounted his horse and walked towards the crying sounds. There he found a baby wrapped in a blanket. He picked it up, mounted his horse and continued his journey home. As the baby had been crying, Moncho figured that the baby must be hungry. He had purchased a loaf of bread and decided to give the baby to eat. He cut off a piece of bread and was about to wet it so that the baby could swallow it. As he was about to wet the bread he heard the baby say "Don't wet it, I have teeth". Moncho astonished at the baby speaking, stopped to give him a good look. At that moment, the moon shined on the baby's face and Moncho saw not only the baby's teeth but two huge protruding fangs. Moncho panicked, dropped the creature and spurring his horse sped home. Storytellers say that Moncho never had a drink after that and swore never to ride in the night again.

Music: El Jibarito by Rafael Hernandez

Faces in the bridge? People have contacted me saying that there are faces on the bridge. Take a good look and see how many you find.
Send a note to the Webmaster. Tell me if you also saw the faces or other "creatures". Jaime Alvelo

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