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Hi! I was born in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Studied at Sacred Heart Catholic School and graduated from St. Ildefonso Seminary in Aibonito. Got my BA from Catholic University in Ponce, Puerto Rico, an MSW from the Beatriz Lassalle Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Puerto Rico, and a Doctorate in Social Welfare (DSW) from Columbia University in New York City. My undergraduate and graduate studies were in social work.

I currently work at the VA Hospital at San Juan Puerto Rico as a social work researcher.  Currently I am involved in research efforts to validate and adapt research instruments for use with Puerto Ricans. As collateral duties I support my social work colleagues (about 80) in computer applications and initial hardware troubleshooting. I also coordinate graduate social work student field placements.  I sometimes teach research methods or practice evaluation at Inter-American University Metropolitan Campus on Saturdays. I'm currently the NASW PR chapter President (2010-2012).  You can learn more on my professional career by looking at  my curriculum vitae.

 I like to write, enjoy using computers as work aides and as an excellent means of obtaining information and communicating with other people. For fun I surf the net, shop at e-bay, do some web authoring, and exchange e-mail with friends.   I also belong to the  Natural  History Society of Puerto Rico where we study our natural environment, do camping, bird watching and support activities to protect our natural habitat.

Thanks for visiting my page.  My home page is dedicated to my home town:  Aibonito. Click the link at the bottom of this page to see my town and to link to others in the Island. Enjoy typical music in several of my web pages. Please leave me a note if you have any recommendations to improve my home page. Also, let me know if you find other links to small towns in Puerto Rico. Thanks! Enjoy your visit!


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