Cajiga is one of the few artists who has dedicated his talents to capture the essence of Puerto Rican culture and it's past. For many of us, his paintings evoke nostalgia for the things that makes us a unique place in the world: our ascent from "el campo" and its "jibaros", our customs (parrandas and festivities), our sports (cock fights,"paso fino" horses..), our luscious countryside with "flamboyanes", our Spanish heritage, the simple lifestyle of our not so distant past, and our people.   The following  is a view of Degetau Street coming into town from Barrio Pasto or Cuyon.  Notice the Catholic church seen from the rear, the sign of the store which sells poultry, the "piragua"  man, buildings made of wood with very tall doors, and the two panel windows. If you click on the on the image you will be transported to Cajigas' website.

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